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Posted 30 November 2009 - 11:25

Наткнулась на легенду, которую однажды в школе написала. Моё ДЗ по инглишу :]

The Flowers' World
A long time ago at this area there spread vastness of Great Wasteland. It was possible to go all over the day without a break and seeing nothing, except for the colorless sky, torridous dryifying sun and blazing half-molten sand. But the time of Great Changes eventually came, when almighty Creator has deigned to devote himself to this insignificant plot of land, that was only fine mote in comparison with all his great creations.

At first time, He came to Wasteland, He brought the dense fog, which condensed in huge heavy clouds. And flowed down to hungry soil beneficial stream of vivifying moisture, reawakened from mortal sleep the first seeds of Life.

During the Second Coming, Creator laboriously worked, cultivating and sating still not alive, but already not the dead ground. There was a Moss, the unpretentious and enduring trailblazer. Then it was replaced with the Grass, continuing to assist to Creator in preparation of ground for then there could be first-borns of the Supreme Race. They had no such nobility in a bearing, as Tulip, fragrances as at the Jasmine, but they were hardy as Saxifrage and modest in face as the Violet. They had no carved intricate form of a leaf, sometimes, they were disproportionately large and clumsy, similarly to the Burdock, but it has not prevented to start among themselves suffocating and shady quarrel for a place under already softer and sparing Sun. Survived only ones, who had higher stalk, wider leaves and deeper root. Up to present times has preserved flexible and creeping, like snake, Liana. Her thin, weak body possessed surprising tenacity and flexibility, and unusual growth speed allowed her to lift herself up, clinging to stalks of the strongest Flowers to reach together the light top.

Came back on Ex-Wasteland third time, Creator was disappointed in expectations. He believed to see harmonious lines of perfect and mighty representatives of the Supreme Race in the prime of life. But instead of it he saw ugly and chaotic interlacing of curve stalks and shapeless leaves. Under all this chaos, closer to the ground there was Rot, slowly but correctly poisoning with the putrefying cover all around. And then Great Creator set upon his children the Law, Symbiosis, Weather, the Season and the Relief to divide contenders and to place them in places which they have deserved.

So in severe territories were settled the eternal greens, low by stalk with ordinary-looking leaves, but with a tenacious and deep root. To them was awarded, as to instigators of war, by huge work yearly to show to the world color of all life and again to lose it, before following flowering.

On the fertile and soft grounds settled the proud, but short a life aristocracy - whimsical Rose, silent Peony, stately Tulip and a self-enamored Narcissus. Surrounded by flattering crowd of Asters, Carnations, Ficuses and Geraniums, they have been prisoned in close chambers, not given any will for their roots, under supervision of mobile, but muddle-headed creatures. They noticed nothing and nobody around, withering in arrogance and living not more than two years - therefore intrigues they dissolved during war.

The best places were received by those who despite of everything, were not involved in fight, have removed itself from vanity and worked, preparing for following Creator’s arrival new steps and fruits of Evolution, gave life to new generations, and taking nothing away from others.

The End.

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Posted 19 May 2010 - 23:53

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